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Uninet stated that the appointment of CMYK Industries as its authorised distributor for South Africa comes as part of its “expansion of its South Africa region capabilities”. CMYK Industries is headquartered in Durban, with Director Patrick Naude having been in the industry “for more than 10 years”, and the company distributes raw materials, consumables and printer, copier and cartridge parts.

CMYK Industries has also, according to Uninet, “established an important distribution network to service the entire South African territory”, and Uninet believes the partnership “confirms Uninet’s continued efforts to create greater efficiencies across South Africa’s distribution system and to serve the growing demand for Uninet product solutions in this region”.

As part of the partnership deal, CMYK Industries will carry Uninet’s complete product line, with its warehouse featuring over 4,000 square feet of space. Uninet commented that it has “welcomed CMYK Industries as an authorised distributor in South Africa, which will be dedicated to providing first-class service [and] quality products, and will adhere to Uninet’s highest standards in customer care”.

Naude added: “We are looking forward to an exciting future with this new relationship since Uninet is committed to service the growing demand for our products in South Africa. Our sales team is very excited to continue supporting our clients with our Uninet line of products and highly-regarded brands.”

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