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CMYK Industries has announced that it now sells its specialised digital printers in Malawi, Nigeria and Ghana.

Owner Patrick Naude said, ‘During the Covid-19 lockdown, and even prior to Covid-19, we were searching for an opportunity to grow the iColor brand of specialised digital printers into Africa. The toughest challenge we are faced with is finding the manpower – skilled enough to travel into Africa – and trying to find the right partners to resell our brand.

‘Covid has allowed us to almost take a back seat and relook at how we will market the products, and offer training. We have successfully trained and installed products at most of the users with the online platforms available, as vast number of product videos are available online once you purchase our systems. We are always looking for the right partner that is locally based in an African country, and that can offer local back-up service and support.’

According to Naude, the company had many product queries during the lockdown period, possibly due to people being at home, and researching business opportunities and ways to generate an income.

He also said that Nigeria seems to be extremely busy, and the other areas are ticking over, and learning and finding business. ‘The type of work they are generating is definitely as good as local work I have seen, and they are using our machines to the full 5-in-1 one capabilities. I am very happy with how things have progressed.’

CMYK Industries’ top selling machine is the iColor 540, an on-demand full colour + white digital printer for in-house production of apparel, marketing customisation and textile transfer markets.

The range also includes the iColor 200 label printer, a continuous roll printer for users who want to control their label spend. With no set-up costs or excess ordering of labels, the printer is perfect for all short-run needs. Features include functionality for single cut labels (roll to cut) and even longer runs (roll to roll) and printing with pigment and dye-based inks on a variety of substrates such as PET, BOPP, vinyl and more. Applications include: wine, beverage, beer, food, chemicals, home and personal care, pharmaceutical, supply chain, logistics and more.

‘What I find most interesting is that people we have dealt with have done extensive research online about us and our products. I find that they do not try purchase cheaper supplies and media, as they use us for support,’ added Naude.

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